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Eye Lens

محصولات آرایشی آر تی اس و لنز چشم آی سی ویژن

Everything about contact lenses and their types

Contact lenses are a great choice for almost anyone who needs vision correction and does not want to wear glasses or have LASIK surgery. These are the basic principles that you should know before seeing an ophthalmologist if you are interested in having an eye lens.

Eye contact lens in accordance with the time

Until 1979, anyone with contact lenses would remove and clean them every night. Two types of lenses are now classified by time of use:
Daily use – should be removed every night.
Extended – Can be used overnight in a row, usually for seven consecutive days without removal.
Continuous use is a term sometimes used to describe 30 consecutive nights of lens wear – the maximum FDA-approved service life for certain types of lenses.

When to change eye lenses

Even with proper care, contact lenses (especially soft contact lenses) should be replaced regularly to prevent lens deposition and contamination, which increases the risk of eye infections. Soft lenses have these general categories, based on which How they should be disposed of:
Daily lenses – discarded after one day.
Consumable lenses – Discard every two weeks or sooner.
Frequent replacement lenses – discarded monthly or seasonally.
Traditional (Reusable) Lenses – Discarded every six months or more.
Gas-permeable contact lenses are more durable than contact lenses and are not discarded like soft lenses. Often, GP lenses can be used for a year or more to require replacement.

More features of eye contact lenses

Two-way contact for astigmatism. These are advanced soft contact lenses that correct both pre-diabetes and astigmatism, so you can be without glasses after age 40, even if you have astigmatism.

Dry eye contact

Are your eyes uncomfortably dry? Soft contact lenses are specifically designed to reduce the risk of lens-related dry eye symptoms.

Colored eye lenses

Many of the types of lenses described above are in colors that can enhance the natural color of your eyes – that is, they make green eyes greener. Other colored lenses can completely change the color of your eyes, such as brown to blue.

How do I order?

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Are the products original?

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