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Facial Remover

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Everything you need to know about facial cleanser

Our world is full of pollution and harmful factors for the skin. From the morning we start our day, our face is covered with particles such as soil, bacteria, dead skin cells and fat produced by the skin (called Sebum). So the reason for washing your face daily is to remove these particles from the skin and to have a healthier and fresher skin. Water alone can not remove all this pollution, and a detergent and cleaner is needed next to the water; But if we underestimate washing and using facial cleanser, what will happen to our skin?
Failure to wash your face regularly can cause blackheads on all people, especially those who wear makeup, as cosmetics themselves are one of the main reasons skin pores close. A good facial cleanser prevents pimples and acne by clearing pores;
But in the advanced world of skin care, choosing the right facial cleanser is not an easy task. Join us to answer your questions and make basic skin care easy for you. In this article, we will guide you in choosing the right cleanser for your face and using it correctly.

How to use facial cleanser

You should clean your face twice a day, morning and night. Do this every day, even if you do not wear makeup. But for those who use sunscreen, or those who struggle with air pollution in big cities, and for the days when you do a lot of makeup, we suggest you to clean in 2 steps.
Two-step cleaning is one of the habits of many of our mothers. We must have seen how they take care of their skin over the years, or maybe we did it ourselves but did not know the benefits. First, let’s clarify what is the meaning of 2-step cleansing using facial cleanser.
2-step cleansing means twice as much skin cleansing. The first step is to use cleansing milk, oil or makeup remover balm that removes makeup and dirt particles from the face. Do this with a soft cotton pad and finally wipe the cleansing milk or oil off your face with a clean, soft pad. Use circular motions and do not forget the corners and under the chin.
To remove eye and lip makeup, use special eye and lip cleansers because lipstick has a greasy texture and this oil is easily removed by 2-phase cleansers. Also, eye makeup remover removes waterproof cosmetics very easily.
The second step is to use cleansers such as gels, foams and creams and massage the face with them. This step of the wash removes makeup residue and contaminant particles from the pores of the skin and greatly reduces the risk of pimples and blackheads. If you go to the bathroom every day, you can do this step in the bathroom, which is much more effective. The steam and temperature of the bath will open the pores of the skin and the dirt will come out of your skin more easily. Just remember that your facial hair should always be kept clean and dry. If you use a cleaning brush, keep the brush in a dry, non-damp place.
Important Note: The water temperature should be lukewarm; Hot water irritates the skin and cold water does not clean the skin well.

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