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Tips on liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick has many fans and is a fresher and more fancy example of solid lipstick. The change between cosmetics has always been significant for women. The reason for using liquid lipsticks, if it is for high durability, or for variety or anything else, it is better to have information about it in any case to choose the best option for us.
In this article from the online cosmetics magazine, we have collected seventy color tips about liquid lipstick that you have never heard of. Stay with us.
In fact, there are tips on using liquid lipstick that no one has told you and everything we will tell you in this article. From our personal experiences and those of other people. We are not talking about the basic rules of lipstick, such as how to use lipstick or when and so on.
So, after trying liquid lipsticks many times and sabotaging them while using them (in different ways). In this article, we want to share our knowledge with you.

You do not need to use a lot of liquid lipstick

Because the formula of liquid lipsticks is so cohesive that one round of use is really enough. There is a very important point in using lipsticks: before using your liquid lipstick, pull the tip to the side of your lipstick compartment to clean and reduce the amount of liquid on it.
This will give you more control over your lipstick. Try this method. Certainly the routine of using your liquid lipstick will change.

Lip scrub or peel!

Smooth and soft lips are key, so exfoliate your lips before applying liquid lipstick. We love exfoliators made from coffee and sugar that optimally exfoliate the lips.
The good thing about these scrubs is that they taste great. Do you know other ways to smooth and soften your lips? Maybe your answer is to use a bath towel or toothbrush. In any case, we have also seen many people who use this tool to exfoliate their lip skin.

You can not do this in 2 seconds.

You need a mirror and of course you have to be patient. Makeup artists on Instagram also take enough time to do this. So you can not do this in the car and quickly.
When you apply lipstick very quickly. Eventually you will have a crooked lipstick and lipstick that has spread its color and sticks to your teeth and creates spots and you will have to correct it again later.

Use liquid lipsticks to complete and make your makeup look great.

Have you ever tried liquid lipstick with a simple face (without any cosmetics)? Surely you know that you will not have beautiful make-up like this at all, unless you have great skin.
It looks like you have eyeliner but no mascara. If you do not have a complete makeup. Using a liquid lipstick looks weird.
So powder cream as a base factor for face makeup helps a lot. A matte blush also strikes a beautiful balance between face and lips. Now using liquid lipstick is the best option and complement your makeup.

Lip moisturizer is your best friend.

Take this seriously: Since not all liquid lipstick formulas are made with quality, you will definitely experience dry lips.
So if your lips are dry and stiff, apply a little moisturizer gently, or apply a balm and lip balm before applying liquid lipstick.

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